TV & Radio Features

DEBUT CD REVIEW IN DEUTSCHLANDFUNK (6/3/2018) - Norwegian Discovery – Hemsing plays Borgström Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing shows courage. On her debut recording she performs a violin concerto of Hjalmar Borgström, which is almost not known, and one of Shostakovich, on which famous colleagues have overstretched themselves. But Eldbjørg Hemsing already in her first attempt succeeds with grandiosity. Christoph Vratz | Deutschlandfunk […]
DEBUT CD REVIEW BY RADIO FRANCE (5/23/2018) - On May 23, 2018 Radio France has featured the debut album of Eldbjørg Hemsing, giving the top rating for this release. The broadcast also featured the entire 1st movement of the Borgström violin concerto. Please click here for the audio stream with the review starting at 40min21sec.
ELDBJØRG HEMSING IN BR-KLASSIK KLICKKLACK (5/18/2018) - Portrait of Eldbjørg Hemsing in “KlickKlack” | BR-KLASSIK | 7th May 2018 “KlickKlack”, music magazine for Classical Music, Jazz and good Pop Music, is the only format in which two world stars – cellist Sol Gabetta an percussionist Martin Grubinger – are giving the TV viewers a very close experience on how professional artist work, […]
DEBUT CD PRESENTED IN MDR KULTUR (4/30/2018) - Debut CD of Eldbjørg Hemsing presented by MDR Kultur On April 30, 2018 the debut CD of Eldbjørg Hemsing has been presented at MDR KULTUR SPEZIAL MUSIK by Isabel Roth, Heidi Reichenberg and Oliver Schwesig, featuring an excerpt of Eldbjørg’s recording of the third movement of the Hjalmar Borgström Violin Concerto G Major. op. 25. […]
ELDBJØRG HEMSING ON NRK KLASSISK (1/6/2018) - Eldbjørg Hemsing on NRK Klassisk: “My Favorite Music” Eldbjørg Hemsing in “My Favorite Music” on Norwegian governmental broadcasting station NRK takes us from traditional music in Valdres through classics like Bach and Beethoven up to the collaboration with Chinese composer and Academy Award winner Tan Dun and to a new release of the Violin Concertos […]
ELDBJØRG HEMSING ON WDR3 TONART (10/6/2017) - Eldbjørg Hemsing meets das junge orchester NRW WDR 3 “Tonart” | ARD German-public broadcasting institutions | 6 October 2017 On the occasion of the concert of Eldbjørg Hemsing, performing Violin Concerto No. 1 D minor, Op. 31 from Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881) with das junge orchester NRW under Ingo Ernst Reihl at Historic City Hall Wuppertal […]